Swimsuit and Playing cap approvals due 31st March 2023

All swimsuit (costume) and cap designs are to be submitted to the CMAS UWH Event Director by email by the 31st March 2023.
Email: cmas.uwh.event.director@gmail.com
Subject line: Swimsuit and Cap Approval Request

Relevant rules
3.2 Team Identification (V12 Vol 1)
3.2.1 All players of a team must wear identifical bathing attire of the same design as to colour and pattern, one or two piece suit and/or rash vest and/or shirt, which may have an imprint of their flag or country. Each team must have two sets of identical bathing attire, one light in colour (when the team is using white sticks) and one dark in colour (when the team is using black sticks), and both sets need Tournament Director approval prior to arrival at the competition.
3.2.2 All ten (10) players of each team shall wear identification headgear or caps, either black (or dark blue) or white, to match the colour of the sticks the team is using. The headgear or caps must have a unique number(s) between 1 and 15 for each player of the squad.

Guidance notes:
– Coaches caps: Fluoro green with COACH printed on the cap is acceptable
– Light colours: White, yellow, light blue, light grey, light orange
– Dark colours: Black, blue, royal blue, navy blue, grey, brown, green, red, dark red
– Bathing attire (swimsuit/costume): 80% light or dark in colour, imprint of flag or country name or code only
– Playing caps: White or black (or dark blue)

We will share all approved designs on our website and Facebook page.

Approved Swimsuits and Playing Caps